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    Tochka Market Rules


    Tochka is a Darknet marketplace platform that provides services for both buyers and vendors. Darknet Marketplace administration helps to resolve controversial situations, disputes and maintains order and friendly atmosphere.

    By registering and using Darknet Marketplace you agree, that you have read, understood, and willing to follow marketplace rules. Administration may change or update following rules at any moment without notification.

    General rules


    • Harmful and life-threatening substances and items such as weapons, poisons and explosives
    • Porn
    • Secret government documents
    • Disclosing personal information
    • Spamming, flaming, and flooding on the forum and the Marketplace
    • Nationalism, antisemitism and other kinds of user discrimination
    • Any attempts to deanonymize users
    • Hidden or open advertisement of another markets and sites
    • Discussing Marketplace’s rules and actions
    • Taking names that look like vendor’s names or that could be considered offensive to other users
    • Using software that could harm Marketplace or its users

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    Vendor rules

    Vendor can begin trading only after filling all necessary information:

    • Detailed description of items, prices, shop rules and his additional requirements. THis info should be up to date and renewed if necessary.
    • Item pictures should be of an actual items vendor is selling. Ideally they should contain a piece of paper with inscription of marketplace or vendor name.


    • Leaving any hints that could reveal receiver’s address, methods of transporting, or images on the open sections of marketplace
    • Selling drugs by fictional names.
    • Selling one drug instead of another. This is considered a fraud and will be punished by permanent ban.
    • Selling anything bypassing Marketplace.

    Buyer rules

    • By purchasing from a vendor, you agree with his rules, which you can find on vendor’s details page. We ask you to read vendor’s rules very carefully before purchasing.
    • When pre-ordering, buyer must specify place, time, address and quantity of stuff by himself.
    • When buyer chooses to purchase an item via mail shipping, he deals with a vendor on his own, specifying address and his personal information. In these kind of deals administration do not have any responsibility for quality, quantity, possible scam or difference with the item’s description.